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  • Don't know whether we still remember Facebook listed the technical failure of the day, and people on the mobile road. Anyway, no matter from which point of view, three years ago that the IPO can only use the word "disaster to describe. Investors (Facebook, LinkedIn, co-founder of Reid hoffman said, Facebook's IPO "a mess".) The whole year, Facebook could not out of the shadow of the disaster. Its lackluster stock movements, and constantly criticize it slow, failed to catch up with the mobile Internet this trend
  • According to official figures, pro spot 1 seconds, enjoyed 1 spot sold out 3 minutes 46 seconds. Regardless of how many water, there are how many cattle this powder our for the moment when it's full of real buy. But for how many of them are at the Internet value-added services, the author said doubt it
  • All the way in the new normal, Internet + and area under the background of national strategy, the traditional construction industry facing important opportunities and challenges, visionbank of subsoil in the industry for many years, with professional technology, resources, such as hard to shake the competitive advantage, therefore, visionbank for those routes, to carry out the strategic transformation, both to shoulder the mission of new ecological building construction field, and ensure the quality of continuous development and expansion of the company, enhance core competitiveness.
  • DoNews feature on May 22 (reporter to close) interest in installment, the rapid rise of installment, strong occupied the capital market and the personage inside course of study for campus staging concern in the field of consumption. Contrast this aura that grabs an eye, two enterprises 99 staging is a lot of low profile
  • When the strong wind swept through, "Internet +" intellectual property agency services on the wind. Blended, cicadas, fast, patent baba, wisdom island... The spring up of intellectual property service electrical contractor, is using a new service mode, are taken quite a storm in the industry.
  • Recently, huijin hopson (Beijing) investment management co., LTD., won the China electronic commerce association awarded the certificate of the China electricity council, by the China electronic commerce association electricity council member units. Marking the company operating the Internet information platform of investment and financing, hopson, received the affirmation of electricity industry.
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