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We need you to join our team to make a success in career, as if you think any of below jobs suitable or interest of, please feel free to write,call or message us by below steps,

1)   Write email to

2)   Call to +86 17301890805

3)   Write online message to,  add contact person Allinmetal.

The jobs we need as below,

A)Product Engineering.

Requirement:3-5 years fruitful experience on stainless steel production, reaearch and inspectipn. Know clearly on smelting, rolling, pickling, machining, forging etc. Be familiar with any drawing and design from customers.Be capable of making same samples upon ones from buyers.

B) Professional sales + marketing person.


1) by phone to communicate effectively with customers to understand customer needs, look for sales opportunities and sales performance;

2) Maintaining old customers' business, and tap the full potential of customers;

3) Build regular communication and cooperation with customers, establish a good long-term relationship.

4) The sales have a higher passion; strong yearning for the financial sector;

5) With a strong learning ability and excellent communication skills; strong execution

6) Tough character, quick thinking, good resilience and bearing capacity

7) Have a keen insight into the market, there is a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and positive work attitude, relevant telephone sales experience is preferred.